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Liquid Light Stabilization System for Coatings


BLS® 555 is a fully formulated, liquid light stabilization system developed for use in solvent-based coatings for industrial and decorative applications. It is also suitable for use as a light stabilizer in polyurethanes, liquid color masterbatches, adhesives, and sealants.


  • Fully-formulated light stabilizer system with synergistic performance in coatings
  • Extends coatings lifetimes by minimizing defects such as loss of gloss and cracking
  • Provides broad spectrum UV protection
  • Excellent miscibility and compatibility with coating solvents
  • Compatible with a wide variety of coating systems


Chemical Names: Proprietary

CAS Numbers: Proprietary

Chemical Structures: Proprietary

Typical Properties

Product Form: Liquid

Specific Gravity: ~ 1.03

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