Resilient Supply Chain

In today’s environment, many manufacturers are lacking a variety of critical materials, such as specialty chemicals, due to current transportation issues and raw material shortages. Even if your overseas supplier manages to prepare your order on-time, equipment scarcity, shipping delays and port congestion will put huge pressure on getting your goods to their final destination.

Companies are realizing that their current supply chain is not as resilient as they once believed. Many are losing business because of their reliance on a single supply source.

Years ago, Mayzo built an innovative chemical additives business model realizing that sourcing from a single manufacturer led to a broken supply chain and unhappy customers. Instead of depending on one source, Mayzo utilizes a private label strategy, partnering with multiple proven sources all over the globe. All suppliers are required to meet the exact same quality standards. 

“Many suppliers are experiencing shortages of chemical additives. Yet, Mayzo is experiencing an increase in business. We credit this increase in sales to our flexible and agile sourcing strategy paired up with strong long-term relationships with our suppliers.”

Currently, Mayzo has no limitations.  There is no sales control or force majeure in place. We have been able to meet all customer demands forecasted for.

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