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BLS® 2056 is a multi-functional light stabilizer system designed to provide superior performance compared to the benzotriazole absorber UV-328. BLS® 2056 can be effective in a variety of polymers including acrylics (PMMA), unsaturated polyester (UP), rigid and flexible PVC compounds, TPE’s, adhesives based on styrenic block copolymers, polyurethane (PUR) and PUR and rubber based sealants.


Chemical Names:                                 Proprietary

CAS Numbers:                                      Proprietary

Chemical Structure:                              Proprietary

Typical Properties

Appearance:                                          White to yellow powder


BLS® 2056 is an effective light stabilizer for a wide range of adhesive systems based on EVA, SIS, SBS and PUR. Developed as a versatile stabilizer BLS® 2056 can be used in molded items and extruded sheets. In flexible parts based on TPE or PVC BLS® 2056 can be used in industrial and building and construction applications. Due to its inherently low color contribution BLS® 2056 is ideal for use solvent based coatings.


  • Improved regulatory acceptance compared to UV-328 benzotriazole
  • Multiple stabilization chemistries provide excellent light stability
  • Strong absorbance across the majority of the UV spectrum
  • Suitable for use in combination with optical brighteners

Guidelines for Use

Typical recommended loading levels range between about 0.1 and 2% by weight, depending upon the polymer, processing conditions, end use, and other performance requirements. The appropriate loading must be determined by testing in the specific polymer, adhesive, or sealant system. BLS® 2056 may be used in combination with other additives, including UV absorbers, hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS), benzoate light stabilizers, antioxidants (primary and/or secondary types) and optical brighteners.


This product may be stored up to two years in a sealed container. Containers should be kept tightly closed and stored in a cool, dry place. Keep containers sealed when not in use.


Please read and understand the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) prior to handling or using this product.

FDA Regulations

This product has not been cleared by the FDA for use in food contact applications.


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