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BLX 2811 is a fully formulated, non-phenolic stabilizer system that is highly effective for the stabilization of polyolefins to the effects of processing, exposure to light, and long-term heat aging.  Due to its non-discoloring nature, the product is ideal for use in color critical applications.


Chemical Name:                     Proprietary

CAS Number:                          Proprietary

Chemical Structure:               Proprietary

Typical Properties                                                        

Product Form:                         Solid


BLX 2811 is a fully formulated system especially designed for use in polypropylene, TPO, and TPE, particularly in thick section applications. It provides excellent processing, light, and long-term thermal stability in a convenient single product. Due to its resistance to discoloration during both processing and gas fading conditions, BLX 2811 is ideal for use in color critical applications, including automotive interior/exterior and building/construction components.


  • Provides excellent processing, light and long-term thermal stability to polyolefins
  • Non-discoloring during processing and under exposure to combustion gases (NOx, gas
  • Fully formulated to eliminate the need for additional stabilizers for many applications

Guidelines for Use

Typical recommended loading levels range between about 0.5 and 1.0% by weight, depending upon the substrate, processing conditions, end use, and other performance requirements. The appropriate loading must be determined by testing in the specific polymer system. While BLX 2811 is fully formulated and typically does not require the use of additional stabilizers, it may be used in combination with other additives, including ultraviolet absorbers, hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS), benzoate light stabilizers, and antioxidants (primary and/or secondary types).


This product may be stored up to two years in a sealed container. Containers should be kept tightly closed and stored in a cool, dry place. Keep containers sealed when not in use.


Please consult the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) prior to handling or using this product.

FDA Regulations

This product has not been cleared by the FDA for use in food contact applications.

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