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Mayzo’s water based release coatings represent a “greener” alternative to traditional solvent-based products. Use of water-based release coatings can help to reduce VOC emissions as well as reduce concerns of worker safety associated with the use HAP solvents.

Benefits of water-based release coating include:

  • Based on acrylate, polyvinyl acetate / acrylate, fluoro-acrylate, fluoro-phosphate ester, modified polyurethane, polyester / acrylic and modified starch chemistries
  • Recyclable and repulpable
  • Wide release levels
  • Release effects remain stable after oven aging
  • FDA approved for indirect food contact (see product list)
  • Printable (see product list)
  • Uses include masking tape, paper, and “Sticky Note” type applications



Escoat WFX

Introduction: Escoat WFX Release Coat is a non-silicone, acrylic water...

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Escoat WPX

Introduction: Escoat WPX Release Coat is a non-silicone, carbohydrate polymer...

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Escoat RA-130W

Introduction: Escoat RA-130W Release Coat is a non-silicone, acrylic water...

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Escoat RA-150W

Introduction: Escoat RA-150W Release Coat is a high quality release...

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