Custom Solutions

Mayzo’s Custom Additives Solutions Program is designed to solve customer problems related to additive measurement, incorporation, efficiency and hygiene. We work closely with our customers to uncover and define the most cost effective, quality driven solution. We use a variety of product forming and processing technologies including blending, granulation, pelletization and extrusion to improve additive incorporation of a single product or a formulation containing several different components. We also provide custom sized packaging options and inclusion bags which can be added directly to the process to eliminate feeding and dosing errors.

Benefits for our Customers:

  • Improve feeding, dispersion and handling
  • Reduce off-spec production
  • Reduce cleaning costs
  • Reduce equipment down time
  • Reduce or eliminate additive loss
  • Minimize dust, improve plant hygiene and housekeeping
  • Reduce logistics, warehousing and testing costs

With thirty years of experience in the industry, Mayzo has solved complex problems for hundreds of customers. We are focused on delivering exceptional product quality that you can rely on and provide organized, efficient manufacturing solutions that anticipate the challenges and technology of the future. For more information and to receive custom assistance for additive solutions, please contact us today.

Customized Products

    • Custom packaging
      • Matching packaging size to manufacturing batch size to eliminate the need to weight out materials
      • Pre-blended additives in solvents or other carriers
      • Pre-weighed inclusion bags which are added directly to the process (no weighing, no dust and no loss of material)
    • Custom additive blends
      • Development of proprietary formulations for specific customer applications
      • Product forming of customer’s formulations

Incorporation Solutions

    • Various product forms
      • powder and liquid blends, granulation, pelletization and extrusion
    • Pre-compounded products
      • polymer, wax, solvent and other carriers

Efficiency Solutions

    • Testing  and research laboratories
    • Supplier managed inventory

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