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ESCOAT P-25 is a release coating polymer designed for use with pressure-sensitive labels, film and tapes.

  • Excellent release is obtained using between 0.3 – 2.0% solids, depending on film, coating equipment and desired release levels
  • 100% dry powder, no special red-label storage area required Silicone-free


Chemical Name: Proprietary
CAS Number: Proprietary

Typical Properties

Product Form: Solid
Melting Range: 74–84oC


ESCOAT P-25 is designed for use with tapes (PE, PP, PVC, PET) coated with adhesives based on natural rubber, synthetic rubber and/or acrylics. It can also be used with hot-melt pressure sensitive adhesives, as long as the chilling roll is well cooled.

Guidelines for Use

Depending on type of tape film and pressure sensitive adhesive, good release properties can be achieved using as little as 0.3-2.0% solutions of ESCOAT P-25. Solutions can be prepared by adding the product to the solvent (either toluene or 70/30 octane/isopropanol) and stirring continuously with heating to 35-50oC until the powder is completely dissolved. Before coating, we recommend heating solutions to 30oC with stirring to ensure homogeneity. Never coat if the solution is not completely clear or if gel is present.

The optimal concentration of ESCOAT P-25 and method of application should be determined in testing simulating actual conditions of use. Please contact your Mayzo representative for specific recommendations for your application.


This product may be stored up to two years from production date in the original sealed container. Containers should be kept tightly closed when not in use and stored in a cool, dry place.

Solutions of the product should be stored at temperatures above 25°C to prevent gelation. In case of gelation, heat to 35-50oC with stirring until homogeneous.


Please consult the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) prior to handling or using this product.


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