Mayzo Products - A Global Chemical Supplier

Founded in 1986, Mayzo is a global chemical supplier providing innovative products and solutions to a diverse range of markets and industries. We deliver a broad range of additives which include:

We also specialize in release coatings, beta nucleating masterbatches, hydrocarbon tackifier resins, titanium dioxide and polyisobutene used in a variety of end markets.

Our innovative chemistries and solutions are used to keep products safe, clean, preserved and presentable, giving them a longer life, saving money and making manufacturing easier every day. Typical end use applications include plastics, elastomers, coatings, lubricants, tapes, labels, adhesives, inks, candles and other applications.

Our products provide answers to problems that customers have faced for years, providing unique answers to customer issues associated with processing, quality, EH&S (environment, health and safety), and application end use performance to create customer value.

Need Help Finding a Product?

For more information, or assistance in finding products please complete our inquiry form, email us or contact us by phone at 1-800-449-9068.

Note: Upon receiving your inquiry a representative will be in touch within one business day. Contact us with complete confidence that any information provided will be treated with an appropriate level of confidentiality. For more information, please see our Internet Privacy Policy.





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