Mayzo Booth 316 at the World Adhesive EXPO (WAC)

Mayzo World Adhesives & Sealant ConferenceMeet FACE to FACE with Mayzo Booth 316 at the World Adhesive EXPO (WAC) to discuss your speciality chemical needs for your adhesive and sealant application.
Be sure to ask about Mayzo’s Custom Additives Solutions Program that is designed to solve customer problems related to additives.
We work closely with you to uncover and define the most cost effective, quality driven solution. 
We use a variety of product forming and processing technologies including blending, granulation, pelletization and extrusion, to improve additive incorporation of a single product or a formulation containing several different components. 
We also provide custom sized packaging options and inclusion bags which can be added directly to the process to eliminate feeding and dosing errors.

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