Fiber Additives

Globally, more than 70,000,000 metric tons or fibers are produced annually. Fiber markets are changing today, with over 50 percent of the fibers consumed today being synthetic. Mayzo offers expertise in fiber additives for many end applications such as apparel, carpet, upholstery, automotive interior fabrics, nonwoven, geotextiles and more.

Synthetic fibers are subject to thermal and photo-oxidative degradation during spinning or in use.

Fibers used for numerous applications, such as artificial turf, barrier membranes, and carpets have to withstand very harsh climate conditions, including extended exposure to UV light.

Long term durability is essential in applications such as automotive and construction.

  • Fibers inside vehicles are subject to some of the harshest climatic conditions around, including extreme temperatures and wide fluctuations in humidity.
  • Architectural barrier membranes include roof felts used under roof tiles and house wrap surroundings for insulation are also subject to these extreme conditions.

Our customers can rely on full support in creating tailor-made, sustainable and durable solutions for high-performance artificial grass as well as other highly demanding applications.

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