No matter what type of application, Mayzo has high-performance additives to meet and exceed the challenges of the construction industry.

Our additives provide superior process stability and protection against the elements, including elevated temperatures and extreme UV exposure.

  • For exterior applications components such as roofing, siding and decking we use our products and knowledge to extend product lifetime, improve physical properties and increase efficiencies.
  • For other external applications such as geogrids, our products are used improve the physical properties, down-weight for cost savings and improve manufacturing efficiencies.
  • For internal applications such as flooring and insulation, process and light stabilizers prevent degradation and help preserve physical properties.

Mayzo’s additive products are critical to success and performance. Our expertise enables manufacturers to maintain functionality and aesthetic properties by materials against the harmful effects of heat and light exposure in use.

In addition to a variety of off-the-shelf products, Mayzo makes it possible by providing specially formulated antioxidants, light stabilizers, and UV absorbers to protect and help sustain a wide range of applications for the construction industry.

 Mayzo is a proud member of the Single Ply Roofing Industry:



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