You want your material orders to be delivered on time and in full, right?

Well sure. But when the world experiences shortages, when specialty chemical additives are hard to find, who can you really depend on?

Simple answer. You can count on Mayzo.

Share your demand forecast, and we will use all our resources to get you that material when you need it.

How? Mayzo has a better business model.

  • We are free to put you first in every decision we make. Our customers count. Not our factories. Not our supplier principals. We put you first.
  • As a private label supplier, we do additives in a big way. We’ve got the largest inventory of specialty chemical additive products in the US. And we serve customers throughout the Globe.
  • You see, we source our raw materials from the best producers all over the world. We have multiple supplier partners for the products you need most. Plus, we have an advanced supply chain and a strategically located distribution center.
  • This adds up to Continuity of service – a reason so many smart manufacturers spec in Mayzo products. And when you have an emergency, you’ll find Mayzo’s Standard products are available on a quick ship basis.

Product Consistency 

How about product consistency? First of all, only the highest quality, proven manufacturing facilities are certified for the Mayzo label.

  • Then our own lab technicians provide an extra layer of quality assurance so you can be confident our products meet specifications. It’s the smart thing to do, and just another plus of working with Mayzo.
  • Smart chemistry is our thing. But that’s not all. Mayzo has more. We take those additive products you need, and put them in exactly the right kind of package.

Package Variety

Everyone sells those 40 pound bags. But what if the right dose for your process is 22 pounds? That’s awkward. Unless you work with Mayzo. We can repackage your material in just the size and type of container you need.

We supply full shipping containers, super sacks, gaylords, boxes, bags, drums, and pails of many sizes. We even offer inclusion bags that dissolve right into your batch. Now that’s a simple, clean and sustainable solution. No waste. What a plus for your process!

  1. Let’s take a closer look.  Do you use more than one type of additive? Wouldn’t it be simpler and safer if those were combined into a single product?
  2. At Mayzo we do all kinds of custom blends. Our technical experts can consult with you and specify just the right proportions for your needs.
  3. Now if you are a really big volume customer, you may be able to obtain some of these special services elsewhere. Here at Mayzo we are equipped to do both large and small scale customization. We provide value-added service to customers of every size!
  4. Smaller orders are welcome. We offer packaging, blending and product form customization with very low quantity minimums.
  5. Here at Mayzo we’ve been doing this a long time. Over 35 years so far. That adds up to a lot of experience and learning. We’ve leveraged that knowledge to develop innovative products with special properties you can’t get anywhere else.
  6. When you have access to Mayzo’s smart chemistry, what more could you need? How about service.
  7. We are positive you will enjoy working with our friendly customer service team.
  8. At Mayzo, we care more. It’s just that simple. Maybe it’s because we are a family business.
  9. Mayzo is still Proudly Owned by the same family that founded the company over 35 years ago.
  10. We are truly passionate about what we’ve created, and committed to growing our legacy. That’s why we established a new generation of proven executives to lead the business into the future, and up to the next level.
  11. Mayzo is an enterprise built for enduring success. Our reputation has been trusted for more than 35 years. Isn’t that the kind of credibility you want in a preferred supplier?