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Do you want to make your products more sustainable, durable or reliable?

How about a manufacturing process that is safer, more efficient, or less expensive?

Mayzo knows additives are just a small part of your ingredient mix. But they have a powerful effect on both your manufacturing process and your product output.

It is worth getting your additives right?

Mayzo Chemical Additives

Mayzo is a global chemical additive supplier providing innovative products and solutions to a diverse range of markets and industries. Our goal is to give your additives a longer shelf life, save you money and make your manufacturing processes easier.

We deliver a broad range of additives that include:

  • Antioxidants
  • Processing stabilizers
  • UV stabilizers
  • UV absorbers
  • Metal deactivators
  • Optical brighteners
  • High-performance additive blends
  • Release coatings
  • Beta nucleating masterbatches

Typical end use for our chemical additives includes plastics, elastomers, coatings, lubricants, tapes, labels, adhesives, inks, candles, and other applications.

Packaging Configurations

Want to lower costs and improve your chemical additive production processes?

Two great ways to accomplish both goals are to reevaluate your current packaging and the physical forms of your additives.

Start by asking yourself, are you ordering and shipping the right size packaging options for production needs?

For example, most chemical additives are shipped to customers in 40-pound bags. Therefore, shipping 40-pound bags make sense if you use all 40 lbs. at the same time in your process.

But what if the correct dose for your process is 22 pounds or even a smaller dose?

Breaking down any giant bag of additives on a production floor to add to processes often leads to loss of additives, increased dust, feeding, and dosing errors.

The benefits of having the
right size package:

  • Improve feeding, dispersion, and handling during production
  • Reduce off-spec production, cleaning costs, and equipment downtime
  • Lower or elimination of additive loss
  • Minimize dust, improve plant hygiene and housekeeping
  • Reduce logistics, warehousing, and testing costs

There are a variety of packaging options for your chemical additive needs. These include full shipping containers, super sacks, gaylords, boxes, bags, drums, pails of many sizes, and even inclusion bags that dissolve right into your batch.

Mayzo’s team members can help you review your current packaging and dose needs. Together we can uncover other options that will reduce your cost and make it easier to handle during production.

Did you also know that the physical form of your additives can also affect your manufacturing process?

Sometimes a fine powder is better for additive dispersion. Sometimes using a dust-free granule is safer for your workforce. How about combining all the additives you use into a pastille form? At Mayzo, we can customize these product forms and more.

Particle Size Reduction to fit your specific needs:

Contact us to discuss our custom packaging, physical forms and more

Sometimes a fine powder is better for additive dispersion. Sometimes using a dust-free granule is safer for your workforce. Or you can combine all the additives you use into a pastille form.

Mayzo’s team can help you customize these product forms and more. 
Contact us to discuss your customization needs.