Mayzo’s Impact at Tape Week 2024 hosted by PSTC – Pressure Sensitive Tape Council

Orlando, FL – May 2, 2024

During this year’s Pressure Sensitive Tape Council (PSTC) Tradeshow at Tape Week 2024 in Orlando, Mayzo, a respected player in the pressure-sensitive tape industry, showcased its dedication to innovation and knowledge-sharing in an impactful manner. The event provided a platform for professionals to share knowledge, network, and showcase cutting-edge advancements.

Educational Engagement: Alan Cramer’s Session on Stabilization of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

Alan Cramer leads a session at Tape Week 2024 on the stabilization of pressure-sensitive adhesives.

At the core of Mayzo’s involvement in PSTC Tape Week was a session led by Alan Cramer, the company’s Director of Technology. Cramer’s course explored the complexities of the stabilization of pressure-sensitive adhesives, providing attendees with valuable insights drawn from Mayzo’s extensive research and development efforts.


Research Exploration: Investigating Properties of BNX®1010, BNX®101FF, and BNX®1400

Alan Cramer (left) and Ken Olender (right) presenting at the poster session.
Mayzo’s global business manager, Ken Olender, presented a study during the poster display session, examining the properties of BNX®1010, BNX®101FF, and BNX®1400. Using advanced techniques like differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), oxidating induction time (OIT), and particle size comparison, the study sparked meaningful discussions, reaffirming Mayzo’s dedication to advancing industry knowledge.

Nesha Tucker, Corporate Account Manager at Mayzo, observed that the study “attracted a lot of attention and interest in Mayzo’s product innovation.”


A Vision for Progress: Insights Shared by President Eduardo

President Eduardo Padilla interviewed at Tape Week 2024 by Adam Robertson.

In a video interview during Tape Week with Adam Robertson, PSTC’s Senior Marketing Manager, Eduardo Padilla, President of Mayzo, offered insights into the company’s growth and trajectory and strategic priorities. Padilla emphasized Mayzo’s commitment to embracing growth opportunities in the face of evolving sustainability and regulatory challenges, prioritizing both customer needs and broader industry trends.

“Two words about Mayzo are exciting and growth,” Padilla remarked. “There’s a lot of changes in sustainability and regulatory needs in our industry. This is what Mayzo is focusing on. We are prioritizing not only what our customers want but also our users.”

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For more information about PSTC Tape Week, 2024, visit the official event page.

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