Mayzo, Inc. Is Now A ThomasNet Verified Supplier

Mayzo ThomasNet Verified SupplierMayzo Inc., a leading supplier and manufacturer of specialty chemical additives, is now a ThomasNet Verified Supplier. The Thomas Verified Supplier badge indicates Mayzo, Inc. company operates in North America and provides accurate business information on the supplier discovery platform.

Mayzo has undergone a complete review and validation of all products and services currently offered and is open to quoting new opportunities.

To learn more about Mayzo on ThomasNet:

Mayzo provides specialty chemical additive solutions on a global scale in a wide range of markets. Mayzo’s proven materials make manufacturing processes safer and more efficient while reducing costs and creating more sustainable, durable, and reliable end-products. Mayzo’s antioxidants and UV absorbers function as stabilizers to prevent product damage due to heat, light, or oxygen exposure. Other technologies include optical brighteners, release coatings, polymer enhancers, and cutting edge masterbatches and blends.

Since 1986, customers have relied on the Mayzo team for their ingenuity, responsiveness, and extraordinary service culture.

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