Lubricants are required to “stay in grade” (maintain performance qualities) when subjected to severe temperatures for their usable lifetime. Mayzo’s phenolic antioxidants , phosphite antioxidants and thiosynergists provide protection  against degradation by thermo-oxidation.

These antioxidants are a critical component of maintaining a lubricants performance quality.

Applications for lubricants are varied and diverse from industrial greases used in bearings to food greases used in baking equipment which requires NSF approvals Mayzo can offer diverse solutions. Other applications include antioxidants for compressor fluids, hydraulic fluids, M&G and fuel stabilization.

  • Our products are used to improve RPVOT, PDSC and TOST which translates into longer service life, reduced sludge and varnish, improved color and many other benefits.

Additionally, antioxidants are playing an ever increasing role in passenger car motor oils.

  • This is being driven by the use of lighter weight oils which require more antioxidants. There are also environmental regulations which are working to eliminate zinc and other heavy metals in oils.

Mayzo offers the right chemistries based upon application, environmental regulations and conditions of use against degradation by thermo-oxidation.

Our team of professionals can work with you to recommend a product solution or to develop a custom solutions for your needs.

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