The global packaging market is diverse and specialized, serving many different end markets such as food and beverage, personal care and household, pharmaceutical and medical, industrial, transportation, retail and other specialty segments.

Growth in the packaging market is being driven by a number of trends including growing urbanization, investment in housing and construction, growth in consumer retail spending, and increasing demand in the medical and personal care markets. Social trends towards smaller households and accompanying rise in demand for more, smaller pack sizes, the increasing requirement for convenience and performance among consumers and an increasing awareness and interest in “green” recyclability is also driving new packaging innovation.

For many years, Mayzo has supplied the plastics packaging industry with a variety of products designed to protect the packaging during manufacture, storage and use.

  • Antioxidants provide processing stability during manufacture and long term thermal stability during the life of the packaging material.
  • Antioxidants, release coatings and C5 hydrocarbon tackifiers are also commonly used in packaging tapes and adhesives used to secure packaging.
  • Light stabilizers protect the package, and often its contents, from the harmful effects of UV light.
  • Beta nucleating masterbatch is added to thermoformed thin walled polypropylene packaging, such drink cups and microwaveable bowls, enabling thermoformers to down-weight packaging articles without sacrificing strength or performance. This results is less polypropylene being consumed resulting in cost savings and a more environmentally friendly package.
  • Beta nucleating masterbatch is also added to injection molded parts to improve impact strength and elongation at break.

Please see the following presentation for an overview of the benefits of beta nucleating masterbatch.

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