Do you want to make your products more sustainable, durable or reliable?

How about a manufacturing process that is safer, more efficient, or less expensive?

Mayzo knows additives are just a small part of your ingredient mix. But they have a powerful effect on both your manufacturing process and your product output.

It is worth getting your additives right?

Some specialty additive suppliers may include some additives within their vast product portfolio. Mayzo is better. Why?

Additives are all we do. We are smart about additives. We understand all your uses and applications. Mayzo’s additives start with smart chemistry. 

Our products improve the performance of your products.

  • We offer specialty chemical additives that prevent heat, light or oxygen damage.
  • We specialize in stabilizers like Antioxidants and UV light absorbers. Plus, we are a leading supplier of optical brighteners and non-silicone release coatings. 
  • We work with everything from food packaging, composite deck boards, plastic film and adhesive labels to scented candles, masking tape, t-shirts, trash bins, and even glow in the dark bowling balls.
  • No matter what you make, you can count on us.
  • Let’s take a closer look.  Do you use more than one type of additive? Wouldn’t it be simpler and safer if those were combined into a single product?
  • At Mayzo we do all kinds of custom blends. Our technical experts can consult with you and specify just the right proportions for your needs.

Our experts can tell you exactly what additive to use in your specific manufacturing environment to produce the effect you want.

In today’s world, Mayzo is here to give you a competitive edge you are looking for.

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At Mayzo, all that counts is our customers. Let us add to your success with quality products, reliable delivery, expert advice, value-added customization, and friendly service.