Candle stabilizers protect candles from store light, UV light, and heat

Prior to electricity, the basic function of a candle was to provide light. Advances in materials and technology have changed the candle industry. Today, fragranced candles are used to create a warm and romantic ambiance with uses in aromatherapy and home décor.

As consumer trends continue to drive towards more renewable waxes, higher fragrance loadings and more interesting color palettes, stabilization challenges for candle manufactures grow more daunting every season.

For many years, Mayzo has supplied the candle making industry with a variety of products designed to protect fragrance and dyes in candle formulations.

  • Antioxidants provide color stability to fragrances while waxes are molten and fragrance is exposed to high thermal conditions of candle pouring.
  • UV absorbers and light stabilizers are also commonly used to protect vibrant colors and fragrance integrity while exposed to the harmful effects of UV and fluorescent light on store shelves and at the customer’s location.

For more information on our candle stabilizers, please see our candle brochure or contact us for a quote!

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