Automotive and Transportation

At Mayzo, we supply a broad range of automotive plastic additives for your interior and exterior parts.

Plastics have played a huge role in driving the success of the automotive and transportation industry for several decades. Plastic materials must meet stringent performance requirements for the broad range of uses and environments.

  • On the exterior of a vehicle, components such as bumper fascias, rocker panels, claddings, body moldings, and grilles must withstand extremes in temperature as well as intense sunlight.
  • In the interior of a vehicle, plastic parts such as trim moldings, instrument panels, consoles, and other plastic areas need to withstand significant temperatures and UV light while meeting strict impact regulations.
  • Under the hood, applications require excellent long term thermal stability to ensure a long working life of the plastic article.

There continue to be incredible advancements in plastics for the automotive industry to meet the demand for vehicle light-weighting, aesthetics, and quality.

Mayzo supplies a broad range of automotive and plastic additives for interior and exterior parts.  These products include:

Mayzo also supplies antioxidants to the lubricants industry, which continues to formulate higher performance engine oils to meet new engine technologies, oil and fuel qualities, service intervals, cleanliness and wear performance, fuel economy requirements and environmental concerns.

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