Visit with the Mayzo team at PSTC Tape Week 2023

Mayzo Tape Week 2023

The Mayzo team will be at PSTC Tape Week May 8-11th! You can visit us at the Exhibitor Showcase Booth #219. Also, be sure to mark your calendars for Wednesday May 10th Session 1 9:00 AM to learn more about our BNX®1400 with our very own Dr. Weihong Lang.

Presentation: Antioxidant and Hotmelt Adhesive Performance

  • The use of antioxidants in hot melt adhesives is critical to prevent degradation during mixing, application, and end use. In this presentation, a new antioxidant BNX® 1400 will be compared to the industry standard BNX® 1010.
  • BNX® 1400 has a unique physical form that provides superior flowability and can eliminate bridging problems during feeding. Flowability characteristics will be illustrated in videos simulating feeding operations. BNX® 1400 is also less dusty than BNX® 1010 for improved hygiene in the plant.
  • The physical and chemical properties of BNX® 1400 and BNX® 1010 will be compared, including particle size distribution and explosivity characteristics.
  • Test results for the two antioxidants in hot melt adhesive formulations will also be presented, showing BNX® 1400 to provide comparable stabilization performance as compared to the industry standard BNX® 1010.

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